2022 UPDATE: Ami's Cats V2 announced. Click here to learn more

Ami's Cats

NFT Collection

About Ami's Cats NFTs

Ami's Cats is a collection created by my daughter Amelia.
We like to watch Gary Vee's videos and since I own a VeeFriend Alpaca my daughter really wanted her own card too. 

So this family project was born.

She drew all the cats and I used my PC to put it all together.
Maybe this will inspire dads and mums around the world to start an NFT project with their kids and teach them about blockchain and NFTs.

And if thanks to us, even one parent sets up his Metamask wallet for their kid it will be worth it.

30% of the royalties will go to a local cat rescue center, the rest will be collected to try to buy "Very, Very, Very, Very, Lucky Black Cat" from VeeFriends for Ami :)

The Collection

200 Unique NFTs

Amelia drew 7 cats. Each with a very specyfic character yet staying within the same look and feel.
The she selected 4 Backgrounds: Gold(daddy said gold cards must be there), Chocolate (obviously, she's 8), Couch (that's where cats hang out), Grass (one for the stray cats).

At the end, after (again) following Garry Vee's subtle advice, she drew the bubble gum and we added Bubble gum Background too. Here's the breakdown of rarity:
  • Gold - 3 cards of each cat (21 total)
  • ​Chocolate- 5 cards of each cat (35 total)
  • ​Couch- 8 cards of each cat (56 total)
  • ​​Grass- 12 cards of each cat (84 total)
  • ​Bubble Gum - only 4 unique cards in total

Contact / Community

PR Contact

All PR requests should be directed via TWITTER: https://twitter.com/AmisCatsNFT